Thursday, December 17, 2009


Slices 2008
Directors: Lenny Lennox, Neil McCurry, Lance Polland, Steven Richards and Vito Trabucco
Writers: Bret Culpepper, Lenny Lennox, Neil McCurry, Lance Polland, Steven Richards, Matthew Olivo and Vito Trabucco
Starring Matthew Olivo, Trent Haaga, Julie Anne, Kevin Bangos, Elias Cecil, Bret Culpepper, Vincent E. Culpepper, Dan Lookabill, Deborah Lynn Dishington, Sebastian Gonzales, Aaron Manning, Chuck Williams, Chani Nicholas and Steven Richards

I watch a lot of independent horror films and this one caught my since it was a anthology film and those are one of my favorite type of horror films. Another thing that was intriguing about the film is that it had 5 different stories all written and directed by different writers and directors. This cause a change of flow in each story, but I thought all the stories are well worth watching. The film has a genuine creepiness to all the stories and the ubiquitous narrator they conceived for all the story is really quite fun to watch, he reminded me a lot of some of the best traits of the crypt keeper. He has a very sharp wit and uses puns as well and is never tiring to watch. This is a great little anthology film, that while not on the level of Creepshow is far superior to films like Tales from the Hood and Grimm's Prairie Tales.
The plot basics are this, a man (Olivo) cannot sleep at night and he turns on the TV and sees a horror film show coming one hosted by a humorous and frightening narrator (Haaga). So, his night begins by watching these tales of terror being presented before him. The first story is about a man (Williams) who thinks that he is on top, but soon finds that he is just another rung on someone else's ladder. Next we meet a writer (Lookabill) who has believed that he has brought his wife (Dishington) back to life but the truth is much more terrifying. The next one is set in the old west and deals with frontier zombies on the loose. Next is about a young man (Manning) who goes to a cabin to get lucky with some ladies, but unknown to him is that he will soon be besieged by vampires. The final story is about a camping trip that goes horribly wrong for some lovers and their friend (Nicholas) must try to survive the ordeal in any manner she can. After all the stories are done it seems they were all only a precursor to the insomniac being attacked by a unspeakable evil force.
This was a very well done film. The direction by all the various directors are done very well, the stories move very briskly and never extend the time needed to tell the story. My personal favorite was "Dead Letter", that one was really creepy and highly effective. The script is solid as well, the various writers give you just enough elements of the character to get you hooked into the stories, but they all know the main thing about them is the plot and they go full stem ahead with propelling it. The best character in the film has to be Professor Lucius Phibes, he is a excellent narrator and is a delight to watch him in every scene. The cast all does a excellent job, especially Haaga as Phibes, you can clearly see that he loves chewing the scenery and that brings so much more to the role than anyone else could have done. I also really enjoyed Lookabill and Dishington in "Dead Letters", they were both excellent and really pulled off their roles well. The SFX and effects were done very well too, I especially loved the corpse in "dead Letters" and the brutal murders in Turnout". This is highly recommended to fans of the horror anthology or just someone looking for a fun and scary film.
This one gets 4 out of 5

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