Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Top 10 horror films of 2009

This is my list of what I thought the best Horror films were of 2009, now some of these are older but this was the first time I saw them, so I count them as films of this past year.

10. 100 Feet - Just an awesome american ghost story that is really unflinching and brutal.

9. Grace - This movie really surprised me it was dark and did a great job of satirizings things like vegans and being green friendly.

8. Laid To Rest - A great modern slasher and one of the best ones since Hatchet.

7. Deadgirl - great take on necrophilia that had the feel of Heathers with its take on hich school class structure.

6. Header - based on a Edward Lee story, a really out there film, totally brutal and shcoking.

5. Splinter - A great original horror film that was suspenseful and scary.

4. Offspring - based off of one of Jakc Ketchum's best books, really brutal and unflinching.

3. Martyrs - Yet another great french horror film that really fucks with your head.

2. Drag Me to Hell - Raimi in top form and his best film since Darkman.

1. Trick R treat - this film took awhile to get here but was well worth it, definitely stands up there with the great horror anthology films like Creepshow.

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the jaded viewer said...

Glad to see Martyrs and Laid to Rest on the list....people have been hatin on Laid to Rest.

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