Thursday, January 28, 2010


Necroville 2007
Directors: Billy Garberina and Richard Griffin
Writers: Adam Jarmon Brown and Billy Garberina
Starring Billy Garberina, Adam Jarmon Brown, Mark Chavez, Brandy Bluejacket, Gene Grand, Scott Phillips, Jeremy Owen and Thomas Severinghaus

Horror comedies are a genre that many people try but very few get right. Necroville is one that gets it right. It combines the idea behind Ghostbusters with the dynamic of Clerks and it commingles the 2 themes together effortlessly. This is a film that has plenty of monsters and creatures to appease all horror fans and it also has some great comedic elements for fans of the films of Kevin Smith. It also deals with the problems with relationships and how they can get stale when there are life issues at hand. The film flies at a brisk pace and really works because of the chemistry between the 2 leads which also wrote the film. The banter they have throughout their battles with the undead and creatures of the vile sort is hilarious and really keeps the viewer enraptured on what is happening on screen. IT is rare to find a horror comedy that runs on all cylinders, but Necroville really delivers on all counts.
The plot basics are this, Necroville is a city overrun by supernatural creatures of all sorts. From zombies to vampires this town has it all. Jack (Garberina) is a down on his luck young man who has just been fired by his latest short term job thanks to the antics of his best friend and co worker Alex (Brown). Jack's girlfriend Penny (Bluejacket) is a overbearing shrew who wants him to find a decent job and to drop Alex. Alex talks Jack into joining him at a monster disposal unit company, Zom-B-Gone, that deals with cleaning up all the monster shenanigans that are going on in the town. The job progresses well, which allows Jack to put his martial arts skills to good use and to take out the aggression he feels toward Penny. Soon her ex boyfriend, Clark (Chavez), comes back to town and they discover he is a vampire but not just any kind, a master vampire. This causes their two worlds to collide and will lead to a showdown with Clark.
This is a great film. The direction by Garberina and Griffin is expertly done. It flows really well from the horror elements to the relationships elements. It never feels like you are watching 2 disparate films, which can sometimes happen while you are watching a film that commingles 2 genres like this. One of the best examples of this is when Jack and Alex are trapped in their van and surrounds by zombies and all they do is bitch at each other until they call their co worker Shotgun Dave, who they aren't supposed to call because it is his day off. When he does show up the film then turns into a variation on Evil Dead for those few minutes. It is a effortless transition and is one of my favorite scenes of the film. The script is quite good. The dynamics of the relationships between Jack, Alex and Penny is very well fleshed out. Jack is kind of a sad sack, who just goes along with whatever Alex says. Alex is kind of a jerk, but he always has a point. Penny is just a boorish, needy and horrible person to have as a girlfriend. All 3 of these characters are integral to the story and the film would fall like a house of cards without any one of them not being in it. The cast is uniformly excellent too. Garberina is a great lead that combines the traits of someone like Bruce Campbell with Jason Lee. Brown is great as Alex his best friend and all around jerk and he reminds me a lot of Nick Frost. Bluejacket as the horrid Penny is great, you really come to loathe her as the movie keeps going. Chavez as the main foil, Clark is hilarious and I especially love when he drinks a baby's brain like it is a smoothie. It was in total bad taste, but still hilarious. The SFX and effects are kind of campy but really work well for a film that is genuinely played for laughs. The best scene is the use of urinating holy water on the vampire, so bad but highly effective. If you love your horror comedies with humor in bad taste, check this one out.
This one gets 5 out of 5

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