Monday, January 11, 2010


Reborn 2009
Director: Craig McMahon
Writer: Craig McMahon
Starring Jimmy Flowers, Davina Joy, David C. Hayes and Kathleen Benner

This films is a sequel to another DTV horror film form a few years back, Machined. Now, I never did get around to seeing that, and after watching this film, it seems as if you do not need any familiarity with Machined to understand ore enjoy this film. It is a film that really follows in the foot heels of the modern horror film tastes that are beginning to wane like the Saw and Hostel series. It is rather bloody and violent and one of the primary female characters seems to just be there to flash her breasts around. Hell, one scene primarily involves her walking around the junkyard in nothing but a G string, which really typifies the kind of film this is, it is a straight on B movie and has all the trappings that a fan would expect form films of those types. It has the blood, the boobs and the gore and for 90 minutes you are pretty well entertained.
The plot basics are this, Cade (Flowers) and Jess (Joy) have just bought an abandoned junkyard and are trying to make a new life together with Cade becoming a local mechanic. But, unknown to them is that this junkyard was the site of some horrific murders. Soon, they hear bumps in the night and it is not long before they discover they are not alone. Jess is abducted by the stalker (Hayes) and is forced into killing for his amusement or he will rip apart Jess. After his first battle, Cade is damaged in the face and then uses his skill as a engineer to build himself a suit that makes him into a self styled gladiator. With his mind unhinged, he agrees to the abductor's demands and kills anyone who enters the junkyard indiscriminately and in brutal ways. Everything is going well until the sister (Benner) of the one of the victims of the last killer at the junkyard shows up and begins to match her wits with the killer. It will only be a matter of time until one of them is beaten but who will prevail, the hunter or the hunted?
This is a solidly well done little horror film. The director does a good job, though at times it as if he is not certain what type of film this is. There are flashes of spectral images, so you wonder if this is a ghost story, but these scenes are never expounded upon. What it really comes down too is that this is a film that follows the formula of the Saw and Hostel films. Also, there is a lot of gratuitous nudity and sex in the film, so some parts of the film reminded me of a late night cable skin flick. McMahon does a good job of filming the kill scenes and that is really where the film excels. The script is all over the place, but it suits it's purposes. This is mainly a film that revels in blood and violence and the script reflects that. The characters are all two dimensional with not much characterization developed for them, so the viewer really is not invested into what happens to them. It is really like watching a bloody sports event. The cast is decent. Hayes as Motorman Dave is probably the only actor to give a decent layered performance. Joy as jess is mainly there for sex appeal, and that works just fine. Though it seems she would be more at home in a Emmanuelle type of film. She brings some nice titillation to the film which really makes it enjoyable. Flowers as Cade is decent in the beginning, but once he puts on the armor, he has to act through glances and body movement and he does this very well. The SFX and effects are the high point of the film. They are very bloody and graphic and the camera seems to dwell on the scenes of torture much longer than normal. The best scenes of gore were toward the end, when the one girl was getting nails put through her arms and stomachs, very brutal to watch. This is one of the better DTV horror films that Lionsgate has released recently and for gore and T & A fans, well worth a look.
This one gets 3 out of 5

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