Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sick Girl

Sick Girl 2007
Director: Eben McGarr
Writer: Eben McGarr
Starring Leslie Andrews, John McGarr, Charlie Trepany, Ian Villalobos, Katherine Macanufo, Stephen Geoffreys, Chris W. King and Justin Marco

Sick Girl is one of those films that seems to take its inspiration from Grindhouse classics such as The Last House on the Left and I Spit On Your Grave, but it amps up the depravity to a nth degree. Any film that opens with she lead actress urinating on a nun and you know you are in for a brutal viewing experience. That opening gambit is just the beginning for this film. There is also a brutal rape at the end and hints of incestuous feelings peppered throughout the film. This is not a film that is for every one, but only fans of the more brutal and shocking examples of horror cinema. I think if you enjoy seeing films like Cannibal Holocaust or Ilsa, the She Wolf of the SS, this film will be right up your alley. The lead character Izzy, is a troubled mind and the deeper you delve into her history and her actions the less you will sympathize with her. Though there is a kind of maniacal glee in watching what she does to anyone that is a danger to her family. The film is quick and to the point and it really is all about the psychological damage that Izzy is suffering and how she decides to enact vengeance on anyone who slights her family in even the slightest manner. It is a harrowing experience, but one that I think is well worth enduring.
The plot basics are this, Izzy (Andrews) is a young woman who is taking care of her 9 year old brother while her older brother is away as a soldier in Iraq. Izzy has a unhealthy fixation on her older brother and this causes her to be somewhat over protective with her younger sibling. Anyone who dares to try to upset her brother pays a harsh price for doing so. She begins to torture and kill anyone who she deems as a threat. She also decides to take some enjoyment by abducting a teenage girl and her boyfriend and to have fun with them, which will include castration and rape by using the castrated penis by putting it on a pole and using it on the teenage girl. Izzy has many issues and she does not seem to have any limits. Until her younger brother finds out and does something that brings all her memories frothing up and then she decides to move on and to continue her path of destruction until she is stopped.
This is a raw and brutal film to watch. The direction by McGarr almost has a documentary feel to it, as if it is all happening before your eyes and someone is just documenting it. The way the film goes back and forth between flashbacks is jarring, but it is quite effective in the film. The way he shoots the rape of the girl is brutal to watch, but you find it very hard to look away. You just cannot believe what you are seeing is actually happening. The script is very emotional and jarring. The script really gives you a good picture of Izzy's issues and sometimes you feel for her, but the deeper down the path of depravity she goes the more you lose touch with her. The acts of degradation she performs really makes her a hard character to stomach, but you still are quite fascinated with her and that is a testament to the writing of her character. The cast is very good too. Andrews as Izzy is phenomenal. She starts off as seeming very sweet, but that changes quickly as she goes to extremes to appease her sense of fun and her sense of family. The deeper she sinks into it and the more you believe her as a truly sick girl. McGarr as the helpful biker uncle is one of the only redeeming characters and he plays it very well. Trepany as Kevin, Izzy's young brother is very believable too and when he discovers the true nature of Izzy, his solution is jarring but somewhat inevitable. These 3 actors really anchor the film and that is really why it works so well. It was also nice to see Stephen Geoffrey's again, as he was one of my favorite horror actors from the 80's. The SFX and effects in the film seem very realistic and unsettling. A perfect example of this is the castration and the rape scene. It is cringe inducing and horrifying, but is done so well that the viewer cannot look away. That is a testament to the power of the effects. This was a jarring and nerve wracking film and is recommended only to horror fans who have a strong stomach and can withstand a film with a feeling of amorality.
This one gets 4 castrations out of 5

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the jaded viewer said...

A lot of hype for Sick Girl kinda let me down and I gave it 2 out of 4.

Here is what I wrote in my review.

Sick Girl almost plays out like a porn movie. Think of this as "Gorn". Each normal scene sets up a scene of pure, uncensored torturous gore and splatter. As much as you'd like to fast forward and get to the good stuff, you feel the need to watch the set up.