Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Legend of the Bog

The Legend of the Bog 2009
Director: Brendan Foley
Writer: Brendan Foley
Starring Vinnie Jones, Jason Barry, Nora-Jane Noone, Adam Fogerty, Gavin Kelty, Amy Huberman, Shelly Goldstein, Olga Wherly and Charlene Gleeson

Time for my latest look at one of the many STV horror flicks that Lionsgate keeps cranking out onto DVD. This one I mainly rented because I am a big Vinnie Jones fan and really that is the best thing the film has to offer. It is really a laughable film. The so called Bog monster looks like a reject from the WWE. The film also plays off mainly as a comedy more than a horror film. With the 2 main characters bickering like a married couple for most of the film. The film really only comes to life when Jones makes an appearance and for that reason alone, I actually give this one a favorable review. Also, the film uses Irish folklore really well and gives you a interesting take on their legends. The gore and kills in the film are pretty entertaining too, but they do not rewrite the horror film. Really this is just a film that is a good pick to waste 90 minutes on.
The plot basics are this, In Ireland, Professor David Wallace (Barry) is on a lecture circuit and wants to check out some archaeological areas where he is looking to find any Bog bodies, which are bodies that are buried in the bog by ancient tribes for doing something profane within these tribes. He has a tour guide, Saiorse Reilly (Noone) and she does not care much for Wallace and does not bother hiding it. It seems that a bog creature (Fogerty) who has been laid untouched for 2,000 years has been awakened by land developers and is now on a rampage and Wallace and Saiorse become entangled with it. Along with another disparate group of people they seek refuge in what seems to be an abandoned hunting cabin, that is until the owner (Jones) arrives and he plans on hunting down and dispatching the bog monster. Soon, the Bog monster starts to dispatch many of the people and soon it is just down to Wallace, Saiorse and the hunter.
This is a very bizarre film, it does not seem to know if it wants to be a horror film or a comedy. The direction by Foley has this problem too, there are many tonal shifts that just don't gel as you watch the film. The chase and attack scenes of the Bog monster are done well. But some scenes like the monster looking for water in a convenience store were just laughable. The script has some good points. All the parts about the history of Bog monsters is quite interesting. Though, as far as characters go the only interesting one is the Hunter. The 2 leads seem like they belong in a romantic comedy rather than a backwoods Irish horror film. The cast does not fare much better. The strongest performance is of course provided by Jones, he brings a stoic gravity to his role and is the only redeeming quality of the film. Barry and Noone are just badly miscast and really do not work in the film. And Fogerty just makes me think of Goldberg with every scene he is in. The SFX and effects are one of the few things that are pulled off flawlessly well in the film. The kills are bloody and the transformation of the Bog monster coming to life is one of the better scenes in the film. I also really enjoyed the climax of the film and Jones use of the shotgun, very creative and fun to watch. For the most part this is a fairly forgettable film. But, I will give it a slight recommendation for anyone who is a fan of Vinnie Jones.
This one gets 3 out of 5

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the jaded viewer said...

Yeah I watched this one too and it was horrible.

Here's how I summed up my review.

Let me say this. I've never seen a bog. Seems like a puddle of muddy water to me. How you can possibly a justify a movie about bog bodies coming to life is unfuckinbelievable.