Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Garbage Man

The Garbage Man 2009
Director: Hart D. Fisher
Writer: Hart D. Fisher
Starring James Meredith, Greg Hill, Tracee Scott, Desseari Shepston, Rick Canning, Joe King and Erik Adams

There are few horror films that are truly disturbing. Films like Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer and Cannibal Holocaust come immediately to mind. The Garbage Man is another one of those films. Any film that is written and directed by the man behind the controversial Jeffrey Dahmer comics of the 90's , you know is going to be explosive, and this film does not disappoint. When a film opens with a man body punching a bound and half naked woman, you know you are not watching a safe movie. This film leaves a bad taste in the viewers mouth and never leaves you with any easy answers. It is more like it makes you think why did I watch this, and what does it all mean. The film follows a garbage man, who moonlights as a serial killer who has disturbing visions in his mind that cause him to kill. Though, he is brutal and at times unlikable, there are scenes throughout the film where you actually sympathize with him. That is what makes the film so potent and powerful. It bears many similarities to Henry , Portrait Of A Serial Killer as just like that film it follows the viewpoint of a un repentant killer as if the viewer is a fly on the wall. This is a film that leaves you with some unease and unpleasant feelings afterwards.
The plot basics are this, Tom (James Meredith) is a garbage man who works hard during the day, but when he is done with work he has a dark side. It seems that from a twisted upbringing he has grown into a dark and malevolent person. He patrols the city looking for victims that he can dominate and the unmercifully kill. Anyone who rubs him the wrong way is a target as well as any female who gets his libido going. He has mental issues where he hears voices and has disturbing images that force him to go on the hunt.
This was a disturbing and shocking film. Fisher's direction is sparse but it works. The film has a grainy, almost documentary feel to it and it really sells the film. The viewer actually believes that this could be real. Fisher's script is just as solid. His character study of Tom (James Meredith) really carries the film and without it the film would be just another cheap exploitation film. The way the character bounces around and interacts differently with various characters really makes you want to see what will happen next. The cast is quite good, especially James Meredith as Tom, he reminds me a lot of Michael Rooker's performance in Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer. The film hinges on his performance and he supports it effortlessly. The SFX and effects in the film are nominal, as this is more a film about emotions and atmosphere than just plain grue. All in all, this is a disturbing and shocking film that really needs to be seen by fans of films of these types.
This one gets 4 out of 5

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